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For over a decade Alt Creative has been educating our clients on the web design and development process. It was a natural fit for us to begin training and consulting with our clients to help them create and manage their online endeavors.

Training & Consulting Services

One-on-one Consulting & Coaching

Need help getting your website to work with your internal business processes? Perhaps your site is working well but you’re looking to add new functionality or content and not sure where to begin. This is where our one-one-one consulting sessions can come in handy. Booked by the half-hour or hour, these sessions are designed to answer your technical questions and give you practical next steps to make your vision a reality.

Custom Wordpress Websites

WordPress Training

Whether you are new to WordPress and are looking to gain some basic skills or you’re a seasoned user who wants more info on themes and plugins, we’re here for you. Book one of our half-hour or hour sessions and we’ll answer all of your burning WordPress questions.

Site Audit & Evaluations

By now, we all know how important it is to have a well-performing website when trying to build your audience. Our analytics and performance report enable you to discover a wealth of knowledge about how your site could improve.

Our free site evaluation gives you a snapshot of your site performance. It’s just a small taste of what our monthly reports look like for our monthly maintenance customers.

Here’s what your report will tell you:

  • Top priorities for improvement: We’ll list the 3 key items to improve your specific website.
  • Accessibility: How accessible the website is to mobile and disabled users.
  • Experience: How satisfying the website is likely to be for users on various devices.
  • Marketing: How well marketed and popular the website is.

New Website Discovery Sessions

So you’ve determined that it’s time for a new website. But where do you start?

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and the most successful projects start with clearly defined requirements and goals. If you miss these ingredients, your project could be a recipe for disaster. That’s why we offer discovery sessions for our projects before we begin.

This discovery session will define:

  • Website Structure & Navigation (Sitemap)
  • Call-to-action pages, lead generating landing pages, and forms
  • Follow up systems (for responding to site leads and/or purchases)
  • Customized scripts, functionality, and/or plugins needed
  • Keywords for on-page SEO
  • Additional third-party services recommended or required for your site

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