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    Proven Methods to Improve Customer Engagement

    May 17, 2018

May 17, 2018
Proven Methods to Improve Customer Engagement

Proven Methods to Improve Customer Engagement

People are connected to brands 24/7. From a company’s Facebook page to its email newsletters, and everything in-between, users are in a constant state of evaluating and reevaluating businesses. Customer engagement measures the relationship between an individual and a brand. This qualitative metric should inform marketing strategies for any company, regardless of industry.

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is the relationship an individual shares with an organization. Amazon Prime members are an example of high customer engagement, where people so regularly shop the eCommerce site that they pay an annual fee for free two-day shipping and access to deeper discounts. Engaged customers range from regular purchasers to brand evangelists.

Each interaction with a brand impacts customer engagement. Something as simple as a tweet could make or break customer engagement for a company, which is why efforts should be coordinated through a marketing team that defines messaging and streamlines communications.

Customer Engagement Strategies

Customer Behavior Research

To deliver an experience that elevates a purchaser to a loyalist, your business must research how people behave with the brand. What content performs well? How do they engage with your business? Understanding these behaviors allows an organization to develop buyer personas that inform customer engagement and marketing efforts.


From messaging to product suggestions, people want to feel that an experience is customized specially for them. Behavioral data along with submitted information allow a business to personalize each interaction with a user, so everyone feels as though his or her needs are met.

Segmentation is also crucial to personalizing the experience for users. Not everyone on your email list will respond positively to the same messaging. Draft messaging for your different segments, so users receive the content they want that aligns with their interests.

Customer Service

Customer service plays a vital role in customer engagement. A person with questions or concerns should have access to your customer service team on multiple channels. For instance, if someone submits a question via Facebook messenger, your social media manager should know exactly how to respond, so it aligns with your marketing and customer engagement strategies. Empower your team to provide stellar customer service whenever faced with the opportunity to do so.

Humanize Yourself

If people see your brand as some faceless entity trying to make a buck, they’re less inclined to develop long-term relationships. Defined brands with human characteristics resonate with audiences, allowing them to create real connections. Weave this brand persona into your content to really solidify customer engagement.


Social media platforms make it so simple to jump into conversations as a means of establishing brand personas. It’s not enough to publish content on your own profiles but commenting on and sharing posts from others signify genuine engagement on social media, the way an actual person would use these channels. As your brand, engage with people on social media to develop the loyalty your business requires to thrive.  

Review Feedback

People tell you exactly what you need to do to improve customer engagement. All you have to do is listen. Look at survey data, read reviews, and examine other feedback to understand what your target audience expects from your brand.

VIP Treatment

Treat your brand enthusiasts like VIPs. That means exclusive offers, content, and opportunities unavailable to those less engaged with your brand. These people are an invaluable part of your business, so show them the love and appreciation they deserve.

Deliver Value

It’s so easy to shop for different options today because all of the information people need to make a purchase decision is available online. To maintain a high-level of customer engagement, you have to provide value that people won’t find anywhere else. That means differentiating yourself from the competition and building on what you know about your target audience’s wants and pain points.

Successful content marketing strategies consider customer engagement benchmarks to inform the creation of all assets. Blog posts, customer service messaging, landing page copy, and every other content type your brand develops should work to improve customer engagement. Reach out to Focused Content Marketing to discuss implementing strategies that achieve your customer engagement goals.


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