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    How to Use Your Greatest Asset for Content Marketing: Your Team

    September 27, 2018

September 27, 2018
How to Use Your Greatest Asset for Content Marketing: Your Team

How to Use Your Greatest Asset for Content Marketing: Your Team

Thought leadership—knowing and even anticipating industry trends—is key to any company’s content marketing strategy. Every business owner wants success through thought leadership and one way to get there is by maximizing resources. How do you convince your team to engage in this practice?

Your team is one of your most powerful resources. And they are certainly qualified as thought leaders: they recognize industry trends, have unique customer insights and feedback as well as have great ideas and perspective.

Today with social media and user-generated content, everyone is part of marketing the company, Your team makes decisions that influence the business every day, consistently practicing thought leadership. They have success stories to tell and ideas to share—they just need to document these stories and content so that you can harness its greatness.

Here are some best practices to get your team involved in thought leadership as you develop a strong content marketing strategy. You may wish to gather a thought leadership group for a brainstorming session, or, depending on your company’s culture, simply solicit this feedback and allow it to trickle in.

Foster Open Communication

First, develop core brainstorming ideas. Examples of topic ideas include:

  • How is your company helping customers?
  • Who is your content targeting?
  • How is your business different from your competitors?

Then, foster communication among team members. Create an environment where all team members are encouraged to speak on behalf of the company, to share stories about their successes, themselves, the industry, and to generally brainstorm ideas that might contribute to a content marketing strategy. When brainstorming, no idea is a bad idea.

The format this takes will depend on your company’s culture. A hands-on meeting might work for a smaller firm while a larger firm with a more hierarchical structure might do better gathering data from individual departments.

Remember, you want a variety of approaches to complement the company’s marketing message, that’s the point of opening up your strategy sessions to thought leadership. Have an open mind and listen.

Encourage Internal User-Generated Content

Team user-generated content is valuable. Encourage your team to generate content related to their stories and ideas. It is truly organic and credible.

Pay attention to how they promote, talk about, and work with your products and services? What is unique about their experience with your company and its wares?  And, how much direct contact do they have with customers?

Perhaps for one group, there are direct email interactions between them and customers. These team members can use emails to create content. You will want to build a structure around this, perhaps weekly or monthly so that when you generate blogs or email newsletters, the marketing strategy is seamless. But the original content comes from them.

Be sure to communicate that while your thought leaders are sharing ideas or customer feedback, they are not responsible for creating the final content. Encourage them to share a stream of consciousness flow and you will be amazed at the stories you get. Internal or external marketing thought leaders can then turn these nuggets into whatever types of content makes the most sense for customer consumption. For example, did you know that relevant blog content generates leads, establishes thought leadership, and raises brand awareness? Other forms of content that might come out of these exercises include podcasts, newsletters, or magazine articles.

You are positioning your company as a thought leader in your industry. To do so, you need to cut through the noise of your competition. This takes time and patience as well as a cultivated strategy. Use your team to help you. They are your greatest asset in this regard and have valuable knowledge. By building an internal thought leadership team you will emerge as an industry leader.

Need help cultivating a content marketing strategy? Work with the experts at Focused Content Marketing to build a plan that will work for you and your team of thought leaders. We can help you increase your industry authority, build site traffic and increase qualified leads.


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