• Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! One of the main benefits of a blog is to drive organic traffic to your site. If the articles were not exclusive to you, then it would be diluting the SEO value. We don’t want that! All of the articles we write will be just for you based on the site keywords you want capture. Your business is unique and your content should be too.

You will be assigned a writer who will contact you each month to help you brainstorm topics. This can happen via a once-a-month phone call or it can be done via email. Whatever works for you! Your writer will get to know you and your business goals. He/she will be able to help you find topics that will work for your site.

Absolutely! We research topics that are popular in your industry that will attract your target audience. We also brainstorm with you to develop topics that are specific, timely, and useful for more than just traffic. Then we send them to you for approval.

Yes! We send you drafts for approval each time an article is written. You can send back as many times as you’d like for revisions.

Yes! In fact, this is the best way for us to ensure that the SEO is set correctly. We can also post the blog to social media for you as well as long as you feel comfortable giving us access.

Yes. Our process includes interviewing you – the subject expert – as well as gathering research from high-quality sources to create a post that demonstrates your thought leadership.

Absolutely! Your articles will be specifically created to increase traffic to your blog! While brainstorming topics, our focus is to help you choose topics that can utilize keywords and that people will actually search for. We make sure that your keywords are contained in the title, the blog link, and the meta information. We also make sure the keywords are strategically placed in the copy and the image tags. We create a keyword-rich meta description and even provide you with social media language for sharing your post.

Yes, as many as you want. This rarely happens though.

It depends on the type of blog post. For a standard blog article, the post will be between 750-1500 words. For a listicle or round up, it will be between 200-750 words. For a video post, we usually post a 1-2 paragraph summary of the video that motivates the reader to watch.

A blog article is the standard article you are probably used to seeing on blogs. A listicle is usually shorter and is a topic presented as a list. For example, an article entitled “Top 10 Reason to Invest in Content Marketing” would contain a list of reasons with a few supporting sentences for each. A round up is usually even shorter than a listicle and is usually presented with visuals. For example, a round up titled “Our Favorite Fonts this Week” would be a list of fonts with images.

Absolutely. You can update your plan at anytime. Simply contact us at hello@focusedcontentmarketing.com.

We can! Video posts are quoted separately as they require some production. We can create a video post using stock footage or customer footage. We can also create video teasers for your text-based blogs as well.

Yes! Each blog post will include an image sourced from stock photo libraries unless you have a photo you would like to provide to us.

We can post/share your article on your social media accounts if you give us access to do so. Either way, you will receive from us some language to use when sharing your article on social media.

You paid for them, they’re yours! Even if you decide to cancel our services, the posts we’ve written for you are owned by you as long as you are all paid up. If you have outstanding monthly charges, those months will need to be paid before the content is yours to keep.

We’re here to make you happy and successful. If you feel our services are not working out for you, you can cancel at any time. As long as you have never published the articles on your blog, we’ll give you a full refund for that month.

You will be billed on a monthly auto-draft. You are not locked into a contract and can cancel at anytime.

We have a lot of them! We prefer not to publish them here because they are exclusive to our clients. However, you can email us at hello@focusedcontentmarketing.com and we will send you a list of writing samples.